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South River Front
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South River Residence

     The owners of this 10,000 square foot estate wanted a comfortable escape for their family, as well as a suitable place to entertain groups of friends for weekends.  The finished six-bedroom house provides panoramic water views from nearly every bedroom, together with spacious second-floor balconies and an expansive terrace with a screened porch, swimming pool, pool house, and exterior fireplace.  Public spaces such as the vaulted great room and informal dining room are located on the water side of the house, with sweeping views of the pool deck and the river beyond.  The connection to the outdoors is reinforced through the use of large windows throughout the water side fašade, including floor-mounted triple-hung windows in selected rooms that allow entire walls to be opened to the terrace. 
     Authenticity in detailing and the use of materials was a goal throughout the project.  The stone, stucco, and slate used on the exterior will age well and reduce required maintenance, and give the house a reassuring sense of solidity and quality.  Inside, a variety of room sizes, together with vaulted and cathedral ceilings, produce a diverse series of spatial experiences, while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout the house.
Boathouse Small Boathouse rendering small Waterside view small Water Side View small
Waterside Close-up small Tower Rendering small Front view small Front Rendering Small
View of Stair small Stair Rendering small View of Dome small Dome Rendering small
Master bath small M Bath Rendering small

   One of the strengths of Halpern Architects is our ability to communicate our design ideas to clients.  Our computer drafting software is a 3D model-based system, which allows us to quickly and inexpensively produce near-photorealistic imagery throughout the design process.  This allows clients to easily see what they can expect in the finished building, and makes the evaluation of alternative design options easier for clients who may not be accustomed to reading traditional architectural drawings.
The images on these pages show renderings that were produced at various phases of the design process, together with photographs of the finished house. Details and colors may have changed during design or construction, but it is clear to see how our renderings can accurately depict the finished space.  Although the design process can seem confusing or even intimidating, particularly for first-time clients, Halpern Architects strives to communicate clearly through the use of tools like computer renderings, to give our clients a high level of confidence in the decisions they make during the design process.