Jumpers Hole Retail Center

Halpern Architects has completed numerous commercial and institutional projects for a wide range of clients including corporations, universities, religious institutions, real estate developers, historical societies, non-profits, and government agencies. Projects have included churches and synagogues, museums, shopping centers, and educational facilities. 

Halpern Architects understands that each client’s project objectives varies and excels at working with the client to develop clear project definition from the outset. This mutual understanding clarifies basic functional objectives, aesthetic preferences, any unique constraints, and the appropriate balance between “market” and/or “architecturally” driven versus “budget challenged” objectives. Halpern Architects is known for its ability to create solutions that meld disparate objectives into a coherent whole without adversely affecting the project cost.  

Halpern Architects’ design capabilities are technically sophisticated, being able to select the right style, and materials and methods of construction to achieve any particular objective. Halpern Architects also understands how to seamlessly design to achieve compliance with the applicable codes and other regulatory requirements. Halpern Architects’ projects demonstrate our understanding that there is a need to balance the initial project cost against its recurring life cycle costs. In summary, an appealing building that can be constructed efficiently and that will operate efficiently is our preferred objective.

Halpern Architects qualifies as a Small Business under Title 13, Code of federal Regulations, part 121 (13 CFR 121).

St. Anne's Parish House Exterior
Kol Shalom Entrance