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Halpern Architects’ residential portfolio encompasses a broad range of projects types. We have the expertise to provide comprehensive services whether the project is the design of a new custom single-family home, an addition to an existing house, or the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of a more complex building for multi-family housing. Halpern Architects’ satisfied clients range from individual home owners to government agencies, developers, building contractors and community associations.
Halpern Architects is known for its balanced and creative approach to design. This starts with a full appreciation and comprehensive understanding of the client’s objectives, including the project budget. Once the project’s goals have been established Halpern Architects is able to apply its creative design talents and technical skills to tailor and transform the client’s vision and preferences into a pleasing and unique design. 
When we are designing an individual house we understand this is the owner’s home. Consequently, we work collaboratively with each of our clients to understand and fully incorporate their ideas, tastes, and preferences. Our historic preservation experience allows us to employ the appropriate palette of details and proportion for homes of all styles.
Halpern Architects is also highly regarded for its ability to address the physical requirements of any individual project, such as the constraints of the critical area laws, requirements of a permitting authority or, in the case of waterfront property, protection against the elements. Halpern Architects knows what it takes to accommodate the practical realities and produce a stimulating and vibrant design.
Halpern Architects believes that every client and every space deserves equal consideration and attention and so applies consistently high quality architectural design principles to every individual project.