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Acton's Landing

Ramshead Tavern

Halpern Architects’ successes in the field of preservation and adaptive reuse have been achieved through a proven knowledge and understanding of how existing buildings are constructed and how they age and deteriorate over time.

Halpern Architects believes that the successful solution to a project will inevitably include an evaluation of the many needs, options and opportunities that exist to address such items as compliance with code requirements, incorporating advancements in building technology and materials, accommodating the implications of a historic context, and achieving sustainable design initiatives. Most importantly, Halpern Architects has the skill and experience to successfully achieve the project team objectives.

The firm is also highly regarded in the field of historic preservation throughout the region and especially within the City of Annapolis. Projects within the Annapolis Historic District have included the renovation of, and additions to, private residences as well as the restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic structures for both institutional clients and private developers. Working within the guidelines set by the “Secretary of the Interiors Standards for the Rehabilitation of Historic Structures”, Halpern Architects has the skill and expertise to undertake these unique projects that require not only a specialized knowledge of working with historic buildings but also an appreciation of, and a desire to contribute to, our rich history and cultural heritage.

Commercial Adaptation of former EPA building

Thomas Point Lighthouse