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Olmert Residence Olmert Residence

The Olmert Residence is an example of seamlessly integrating passive solar design principles into a waterfront vernacular home. Careful siting captured the broad panoramic viewshed while individual rooms focused on specific significant elements of the view.

With careful design and planning Halpern Architects placed windows for optimal panoramic viewing and to minimize heating and cooling costs. The major living spaces, located on the south side of the house, are a single room deep which allows for summer breezes and winter solar heating. All of the major support functions for the house were placed on the north side and are tucked into trees in order to act as a buffer from north winds. Deciduous trees were retained to provide seasonal shading and provide the home with additional privacy in summer

The interior the house is a blend of traditional elements and proportions used to augment modern spaces. The Olmerts have the best of all worlds, a passive solar home that is energy and cost efficient and a beautiful panoramic water view.
Olmert Residence
Olmert Residence