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Maynard-Burgess House
Maynard-Burgess House

   The Maynard-Burgess House is currently owned by the City of Annapolis. It was originally constructed by an early freed African-American, John Maynard, from salvaged materials and structures in the 1790’s. John Maynard died in 1875 and was survived by his wife Maria. After her death the house was sold to a former boarder, Willis Burgess. Continually owned by two interrelated African-American families, from about 1850-1980, the house and its residents experienced changes in African-American lives that ran from slavery, to the Civil Rights movement, to the present day. Halpern Architects was engaged to prepare construction documents for a museum quality restoration of this unique historic structure.

Client: The Maryland Trust for Historic Preservation, the City of Annapolis and the Historic Annapolis Foundation.

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