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Benson-Hammond House and Outbuildings

Halpern Architects was retained to assist in the restoration and stabilization of this historic home, two and a half story, six-by-two-bay, 19th. century brick dwelling, constructed in the Greek Revival style. It is currently home to the Anne Arundel County Historical Society. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. This home and its outbuildings represent a restoration to a particular period of significance retaining the unusual rhythms that derive from the sequence of its construction from the small three bay home (right wing) to its present grand façade.


Halpern Architects performed a conditions assessment, stabilization, rising damp mitigation, and the partial reconstruction of the outbuildings. Of particular note were the rising damp issues, which resulted from the historic grades around the house being altered by the construction of new runways at BWI airport, which in turn raised the water table and redirected the sub-grade flow of water. This condition was mitigated by adding sub-grade drainage upstream of the building and its success confirmed by using sub-grade dye markers. 


Client: Anne Arundel County Historical Society, Linthicum, Maryland

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