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Bay View House
    This 2,000 s.f. home was designed as a weekend and summer retreat. The house is located on an irregular shaped lot on the Chesapeake Bay. The home site is approached on a narrow 'pipe stem' with the actual building site on a small projection off  the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The design is a contrast between the solid, visually heavy, massive, and hand-crafted qualities of the stone supporting structures, and the lighter, hard-edged, manufactured steel and glass components, which seemingly float above the site. 
     The house is approached on its narrow axis, with parking and the entry below the house. A large terrace is located on the roof of the house, high above the water, so as to take fullest advantage of the prevailing breezes, and long views up and down the Bay. This height generally is not inhabited by biting insects, eliminating the need for a screened porch. The majority of the bedrooms are located on the south east corner of the house so that the owners can ‘wake up to the sunrise.’ The owner is an author and her study has been located between the bedrooms on the upper floor. Her husband has a small office in the main level of the house.